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Move towards the light - spiritual wellbeing.

Move towards the light... been watching my mint plant do this for the last few days, each spear of mint and stem making the adjustment for survival.

 It knows what it needs and responds accordingly by turning towards the light. Since then it has begun to flourish and thrive.

 We can take a leaf out of nature's book. If only we looked to mother nature for more answers and to show us how to be, cohabit, heal and flourish as we are part of nature.

The same natural laws apply to us for flourishing and thriving in life.

Stop living in past mistakes! (Emotional wellbeing) Start living with acceptance and gratitude!

Stop living in past mistakes! (Emotional wellbeing) 

Start living with acceptance and gratitude!

Living in the past can only cause depressed mood & negative emotions... (where quality of life is low) 
"The Past Isn’t Going Anywhere - And by focusing on it neither will you." So you might as well make peace with it! Use the past as a lesson, a way to learn from your mistakes and become enlightened. Everybody makes mistakes! 

Look for the lessons rather than blame, shame and guilt. Living a life that is solution focused, with purpose and intention allows you to create a better quality of life moving forward. Our life quality is related to our level of contentment, joy and happiness experienced. You can learn the process and use the tools of how to move from past to present thinking and focus, for a better & more content quality of life.

I saw the power and the impact of this when I was working with patients living with HIV. This made me think about the concepts of acceptance…