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Reinvent yourself - Change the way you live your life!

Reinventing yourself – Change the way you live your life.
The topic of reinventing one’s self is a life theme that is particularly close to my heart. In fact as I write this blog post I feel my eyes begin to well up with tears of positive emotion and immense passion.There is just so much to say about this topic.
Reinventing yourself takes courage and a great amount of strength and determination. Once you decide that you want something different for yourself, for your life, then that is when the magic begins. There is something wondrous that is awakened deep within the chasms of your soul and psyche, and that awakening is your awareness. Once the proverbial light has switched on and you are finally at home within yourself to see, then and only then can you begin the adventure of your life, to live, love and appreciate every moment of it!
What does it mean to reinvent yourself?
Simply put, it means to change the way you live and or exist. To change your life.Now this change could be radic…