Stop living in past mistakes! (Emotional wellbeing) Start living with acceptance and gratitude!

Stop living in past mistakes! (Emotional wellbeing) 

Start living with acceptance and gratitude!

Living in the past can only cause depressed mood & negative emotions... (where quality of life is low) 
"The Past Isn’t Going Anywhere - And by focusing on it neither will you." So you might as well make peace with it! Use the past as a lesson, a way to learn from your mistakes and become enlightened. Everybody makes mistakes! 
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Look for the lessons rather than blame, shame and guilt. Living a life that is solution focused, with purpose and intention allows you to create a better quality of life moving forward. Our life quality is related to our level of contentment, joy and happiness experienced. You can learn the process and use the tools of how to move from past to present thinking and focus, for a better & more content quality of life.

I saw the power and the impact of this when I was working with patients living with HIV. This made me think about the concepts of acceptance, living in gratitude and appreciation for peace of mind, physical health and moving forward in life. If a person living with HIV could do this, and tell me they have joy because of acceptance and living in gratitude, then there is a lesson for rest of us to learn!

Living with acceptance (within reason) is an empowering act provided we have learned the lesson.  It allows us to be more comfortable with ourselves and teaches us how to make peace with a past mistake or situation, which leads to a more content headspace, from that space we can move forward in life...

Living in gratitude is a spiritual act, It opens up the pathways to more love and abundance experienced, because us how to look for the good, it forces us to tap into our higher selves...
 It allows us to count our 'blessings' even during times of adversity. It increases your quilty of life by increases resilience, love and joy and it decreasing stress and negative emotions. 

Marie Joshua-Querido 
Online counseling, mentoring and guidance.


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