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Find balance and restore the equilibrium

Find balance and restore the equilibrium
The term ‘life balance’ seems to be a bit of an oxymoron of late rather than a state of being. equilibrium  - Definition
npl-riums, -ria[-rɪə]
1. a stable condition in which forces cancel one another 2. a state or feeling of mental balance; composure 3. (Physics / General Physics) any unchanging condition or state of a body, system, etc., resulting from the balance or cancelling out of the influences or processes to which it is subjected See thermodynamic equilibrium 4. (Physics / General Physics) Physics a state of rest or uniform motion in which there is no resultant force on a body 5. (Chemistry) Chem the condition existing when a chemical reaction and its reverse reaction take place at equal rates 6. (Physics / General Physics) Physics the condition of a system that has its total energy distributed among its component parts in the statistically most probable manner 7. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Physiology) Physiol a state of…