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Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness:

What is it?   

Emotional wellness is closely related to all the other dimensions of wellness, like a vein that that runs through all the dimensions. Your emotional wellness is all about how you manage your feelings and related behaviours as well as being able to realistically assess them. Emotional wellness also lends itself to your ability to cope with and manage stress. An emotionally well person for example is better able to maintain lasting rewarding relationships with others (Social Wellness) Emotional wellness is the cousin of Emotional Intelligence.

Being emotionally well means that you are aware of your own and others feelings.
An emotionally well person has a level of trust in his or her own decisions and choices and is able to manage these in a rewarding and effective way.
“Emotional wellness is striving to meet emotional needs constructively. It is maintaining good mental health, a positive attitude, healthy sense of self-esteem, and a strong self-image. I…