Emotional well-being - Rising above adversity like the lotus flower...

Emotional well-being  -  Rising above adversity like the lotus flower...

A few months back while on holiday and retreat in Bali, I woke up just before dawn while staying at the Ubud eco village and meditated next to the muddy pond awaiting the opening of the lotus flower. This flower resonates deeply! No mud no lotus... 

Lotus flowers have strong symbolic ties to survivors. The lotus flower grows out of mud. Yet, it rises above the surface clean, blooms with remarkable beauty, and its beauty remains untouched by the mud. The flower closes and sinks underwater at night, but it rises and opens again at dawn. Lotus flowers have strong symbolic ties to survivors. They start as small flowers down at the very bottom of a pond and then slowly grow and rise towards the surface, continually moving towards the light. Once the lotus flower has reached the surface of the water, it begins to blossom and turns into a magnificent flower.

"The lotus flower is a symbol for courage, purity, and awakening, and it mirrors survivors' journey toward growth healing and understanding. Like the lotus flower, survivors have been at the bottom of the pond but can rise above it to show their worth, courage, and untouched beauty.

A lotus is a flower that blooms in the mud, the deeper the mud the more beautiful the lotus" -- 
Author unknown.

Much care!

Marie Joshua 
Psycho-social & physical health wellness practitioner


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