Wellness, Well-Being, Happiness, Contentment and Accomplishment

Well-being and fulfilment ...

Wellness, Well-Being, Happiness, Fulfilment, Contentment and Accomplishment. How do we achieve these states of being in a life time? We all want it but sometimes don't know how to attain it, or where to begin...

So I would recommend starting from where you are! Sounds easy enough, but do you know where or at what stage, phase or state of being you are at? To assess where you are, you would need to start with a high level of self awareness and do some introspection. You would need to take a close look at each dimension or part of your life and ask yourself ' AM I WELL IN THIS AREA OR DIMENSIONS OF MY LIFE? '

You can use the wellness wheel and the dimensions of wellness for this assessment -Social wellness, Emotional wellness, financial wellness, Occupational wellness, Spiritual wellness, Educational wellness, Environmental wellness, Mental wellness, Sexual wellness, Physical wellness etc...

Ask you self these questions:

Are these dimensions important parts of my life?

Am I content with where I am in each of these dimensions?

Am I sick or unwell in any of these dimensions?

Is there any room for improvement in any of these dimensions?

Do I feel fulfiled with my life?

Do these dimensions in my life need to be constantly worked on and balanced?

By asking yourself these questions and answering them truthfully and honestly you are automatically becoming more self aware. This allows you to identify areas of your life that are unwell and need immediate attention.

If most of your dimensions of life are in a well state then you would be better equipped to cope, handle, and adjust when life happens as we know it, and throws some kind of curve ball trauma at you.

Wellness or a state of wellness in each of our life dimensions is so important because a well state leads to a positive state of well-being or in other words a well existence in life, and remember that well-being is what we are striving for, as well-being means contentment and fulfilment in and with life!

Living in a state of well-being implies that you basically are flourishing and thriving in life, and you would experience feelings of joy, happiness, connectedness, accomplishment, achievement and fulfilment.

Look at the word Ful-fill-ment...

It implies that something needs to be full and filled with the goodness of essential life, and that something is your life!

Live well!

Marie Joshua

Wellness Practitioner & Psychological Counsellor.


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